The duo Tim Lothar & Peter Nande brings an entertaining, spontaneous approach to the acoustic blues.

The music is the real stuff. Lothar explores the gamut of rural Mississippi and Piedmont blues traditions, armed with his old beaten guitars. He plays drums and hi-hat with his feet as he sings. It’s fascinating to watch, but what you’re likely to remember is the voice – a dusty, lonesome hobo moan, a voice with mileage, from a man with stories to tell.

Nande shares Lothar’s passion for country blues, but also brings a lively blend of post-WWII electric »juke joint« blues and boogie to the show.
Known as a vocalist and harp player, in this setting Nande also plays washtub bass, jaw-harp, jug ... and various percussion instruments.

Put these two gifted musicians together and the result is a compelling mix of blues styles and a loose, natural vibe. Tim Lothar and Peter Nande love this music and are completely at ease working together. They’re having fun onstage, and they’ll bring the audience along for the ride.

Expect humorous storytelling, impromptu jamming, and honest music done well.
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